As code or name you may enter a cas number, a molecular formula or a name. A query will be done in the ChemExper Chemical Directory ( and a window will pop-up showing possible products. By cliking on the product, the window will close and the code will be replaced by the corresponding cas number. If this is an unknown product, please use the cas number as code. If is does not exist, leave this field blank.
The molecular formula may be entered the way a chemist thinks about it. You may use groups like Ph, Me, Et, Ala, Gly, ... For example if you want the molecular formula of isobutyryl chloride you may simple enter Me2CHCOCl. Using ChemCalc ( the molecular weight will be suggested to you.
The purity may be entered as % (percent in weight), M (molar, mmoles/ml) or L (loading, mmoles/g).

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