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Dr Luc Patiny
BCH 5121
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. : +41 21 693 94 69
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luc.patiny at epfl.ch

Workshop on Chemical Information

2 July 2004 - BEP A (bâtiment de pharmacie)

10h30 Open Source/Open Content Software Development in Chemistry, Christoph Steinbeck (Cologne University Bioinformatics Center)
11h00 A new approach for finding ligands to proteins, Joel Freyss (Actelion, Basel)
11h30 From a filing card system to web-driven applications. Joachim Maes (Agfa-Gaevaert, Belgium)
12h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00 Screening a Virtual Compound Space. Miklos Vargyas (ChemAxon, Hungary)
14h30 Common Fingerprint Clustering. Bernhard Rohde (Novartis, Basel)
15h00 Coffee break
15h30 A Chemoinformatics Exploration of the Small Molecule Chemical Space. Tobias Fink (Uni Berne)
16h00 Sharing chemical information over the internet : on-line assignment of NMR spectra. Luc Patiny (EPFL, Lausanne)
16h30-17h00 Round table about the chemical information and shared interests of the attendees.
Aperitif and dinner

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