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Program of the 12 September 2014

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Dr Luc Patiny
BCH 5121
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. : +41 21 693 94 69
Fax. : +41 21 693 93 55

luc.patiny at epfl.ch

Workshop on Chemical Information

12 September 2014 - BC.01

11h00 Database of bioactive ring systems with calculated properties and its use in bioisosteric design and scaffold hopping, Peter Ertl (Novartis, Basel)
11h20 Slice based electronic laboratory notebook, Michaël Zasso (EPFL, Lausanne)
11h40 Chemigenomics - is it more than inductive transfer?, Dragos Horvath (Université de Strasbourg)
12h00-14h00 Lunch offered by MolMall
14h00 GC/MS identification in a Browser, Guillaume Godin (Firmenich, Geneva)
14h20 Sub-pharmacophore models as seeds in drug discovery, Modest Korff (Actelion, Basel)
14h40 MDPI Price presentation
15h00 Coffee break
15h40 Interactive tools for visualisation and virtual screening of large compound databases, Jean-Louis Reymond (University of Bern)
16h00 INDDEx – logic-based ligand screening for scaffold hopping, Michael J E Sternberg (Imperial College London)
16h20 2D scaling with rubber bands and descriptors, Thomas Sander (Actelion, Basel)
Aperitif and dinner

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